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The future of outsourcing talent acquisition for marketing, sales, and development.

We offer decentralized human resource solutions, bringing your company the best talent and knowledge you could ask for, either through providing single specialists or complete teams.

Get certified bilingual talent and focus on what matters.

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If you are a FinTech, SaaS, digital marketing, or PR agency in the US wanting to scale, offer new products, expand your team, or grow your client base, will provide you with the team you need helping you take your company to the next level.

By outsourcing to LATAM instead of developing in-house solutions, you have an external ally that supports your growth and allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business.

It’s our responsibility to get your team up to speed – considering their level of knowledge, skills, and productiveness.

Are you feeling the pressure to increase your visibility and build more awareness of your brand? is a nearshore outsourcing firm leveraging top LATAM talent to match your company’s needs – from outsourced sales management to offshore software development – so you can focus on the day-to-day core business strategy.
Expand your
Service Portfolio
Offer more to your customers by accessing top talent globally. Expand your portfolio with an expert team focused on quality, affordability, and reliability. We’ll get you the people you’ve been searching for..
Increase Revenue
Reduce your costs by at least 40% by outsourcing staff to a low-cost economy. Acquire the benefits of having a team of experts at your disposal who can bring immediate value to existing clients.
Skip the
Learning Curve
It usually takes months to onboard new staff, but with, you skip the learning curve, get the benefits immediately, and incur lower personnel costs.

How Works


We discuss your current business plan and strategy and help you understand what you need to grow, whether it's a single employee or a complete team.


We choose the most qualified candidates from LATAM according to the knowledge and skills you require. Each member of, regardless of their level or seniority, follows an intensive two-month training program and gets certifications in their area of expertise, ensuring quality.


We select, train, and coach the best talent for your company so that they will be ready to provide you with results from the get-go.

& Training

We select, train, and coach the best talent for your company making sure they'll be ready to provide you with results from the get-go.

Our Specialists

Hello, I’m Dean, a marketing manager. If your agency is in need of a lead generation specialist, email marketer, or anything related to digital marketing, but have limited resources, it’s time to consider outsourcing your digital marketing talent.
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Marketing Team
Hi, I’m Olivia, a sdr If your sales department is struggling and you are searching for capable talent,  LATAM’s most talented sales associates are waiting to get started.

Talk to our sales team regarding Sales Outsourcing:
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Sales Team
I’m Tamara, a senior developer. If you are looking for DevOps outsourcing and nearshore software development, web design, or programming, you are in the right place.

Talk to our sales team regarding Development Outsourcing:

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Development Team

What Our
Client's Say

“Outshore has worked closely with us to ensure we can expand our existing PR services seamlessly to include top-tier ad management for our clients, who in turn benefit from a 360-degree approach to digital marketing,”

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